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"Thus I want to die myself that you, my friends, may love the earth more for my sake; and to earth i want to return that i may find rest in her who gave birth to me."

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i won't say another word, ive said my piece.

and tonight im pathetic.

happy and sad and back again.

life goes on man.
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i love lou reed.

i have learned to embrace being poor and strung out all the time.

i like how ive been living my life lately. i work hard and i play harder and kicking ass at both.

i love my friends.

i love smoking cigarettes listening to music and wondering how im going to eat my next meal, let alone pay bills without asking my folks for more cash.

i think im finally okay. i don't consider myself different anymore, i realize we're all cats just trying to get by...and it's cool no matter how you do it. and everything will probably come out alright in the end. because through it all you'll always have some good times in there mixed in with the bullshit. everyday i grow, and yeah im still afraid of what i may become or where i may end up, but hey man it will be a hell of a ride. i mean im fucking scared to death, but i know ill be okay.

i do wish i had a companion to share things with. it just feels like there's something missing and im a little lonely. lately ive been missing a few people, but it's comforting to look back on times and be able to smile. i don't want to live in the past but it's nice to know that it will always be there to dust of and reflect upon, like and old tattered book on the shelf that you can always open.

these our the pages of our lives, and everyday is like a choose your own adventure book.

rock and roll.
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